resources for african esos

Open Innovation Program toolkit

The Make-IT in Africa Open Innovation Program toolkit is a model and guide for innovation support organizations (ISOs) to leverage to design and run programs that promote collaboration between small and growing businesses, and your local private or public sector.

The hub specialisation playbook

This toolkit has been developed by Viridian together with Make-IT in Africa, with support from IRESEN and lessons from the Hubs GoGreentech – HUGG, a Make-IT in Africa’s programs.

It provides a customizable program framework (published under open license) and provides knowledge, tips, and tools for African organizations to leverage to transition into Greentech space and run Greentech-focused program.

A hub’s guide to Let’s Talk Financing

This guide assists facilitators by giving them all the information they need to successfully run with the Let’s Talk Financing Toolkit.

It looks at why financing and access to it is important for entrepreneurs, and guides the entrepreneur through completing their finance card.

It also highlights the importance of business models and revenue sources in making a business attractive for financing.

Lastly, the guide unpacks the available financing options for entrepreneurs and takes them through what they need to know to apply for financing.

A hub’s guide to Launch League facilitation

This playbook has been created for programme facilitators at SA hubs to better understand how to effectively support idea-stage businesses and deliver the Launch League idea-stage businesses programme locally for groups of entrepreneurs.

The Launch League Idea-stage Programme toolkit consists of all the open licence resources you need to run an idea-stage programme for the entrepreneurs in your community.

The programme is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the different parts of their business and how these hang together as a viable business model.

A hubs guide to programme management

This guide is part of Launch League’s Programme Management resource collection. It is a useful resource for any individual working at a hub and guides them on how to run effective entrepreneurship learning programmes.

It’s also a good resource for anyone new to programme management or those wanting to brush up on their knowledge or find new tips and tricks.

It covers topics such as recruitment, marketing, selection, events management, budgeting, partner management and reporting.

Making the Most of a Mentor Guide

A guide and workbook for early-stage entrepreneurs on the benefits of having a mentor. This guide is a printable resource to share with entrepreneurs, unpacking mentorship as part of the Launch League Programme. It includes practical tips and exercises for the entrepreneur to complete.

SAIS Challenge Guide

An in-depth, open-license guide for innovation organisations on how to conceptualise, market, plan, execute and evaluate a challenge competition, with a piloting component. Includes case studies. Developed as part of the Finnish Ministry’s SAIS programme’s Connected Hubs initiative.

2022 hubs survey

How can South African hubs
train and support young South
Africans to earn an income in
the New Economy?

2020 tech hubs survey

Are South African hubs getting the resources they need to support our emerging entrepreneurs?

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