Viridian is a trusted end-to-end delivery partner for development agencies, government departments and corporates to deliver locally relevant, impactful programmes that support the development of African entrepreneurial ecosystems. Our design approach is guided by experience, sound research, strategic partnerships and a broad network of ecosystem collaborators.

Programme design, implementation, and iteration

We design, develop and implement unique and thoughtful programmes that are context-relevant and results-driven, using feedback to optimise and scale. We use a mix of media to educate and connect participants, from online courses and virtual masterclasses to real-life networking and bootcamps.

Monitoring and evaluation

We offer best practice monitoring and evaluation, working with clients to design high-impact projects that align with their overarching and regional objectives. This includes theory of change development, key metric establishment, as well as data collection, management (GDPR & POPIA compliant) and analysis. 

Strategy, ecosystem mapping and research

We offer research, ecosystem mapping and resource curation that allows our clients to better understand the context of their work and design appropriate interventions to drive impact. With our continent-wide associates, we offer expert advice and insights into entrepreneurship, investment and ecosystem development in an African context.

Content production

Viridian develops bespoke publications that create real value for entrepreneurs, hubs and angel investors. Toolkits, playbooks, research reports, educational videos – we’re very proud of the content we produce and share.


Our work is initiated and sponsored by leading international development financiers, government funds and corporates.

Our Partners

We work with partners across the continent to develop contextually-relevant and experience-led programmes and content.