WhatsApp Group Chat Code of Conduct

(“code of conduct“)


Members of the cohort can stay connected through the WhatsApp group chat (“group chat“). The purpose of the group chat is to encourage professional support and effective communication between group chat participants (“participants“, of which “you” are one).

    • This code of conduct applies to all participants in relation to all content shared on or in relation to the group chat. To ensure all participants have a pleasant experience while using the group chat, all participants must adhere to this code of conduct.
    • If you do not adhere to this code of conduct, the group chat administrator/s (“administrator“) may remove you from the group chat, without notice.
    • The administrator has added you to the group chat using information you have provided voluntarily, or you have voluntarily added yourself to the group chat using an invitation link the administrator has shared with you. You may leave the group chat at any time.
    • If you have any queries about this code of conduct, please contact the administrator.


    • Before you send a message on the group chat, ask yourself the following questions:
        • Is it relevant?
        • Is it reasonable?
        • Is it the right time?

If in doubt, especially when sharing information about other events or articles, please first check with the group administrator.

    • Inviting participants. Only the administrator may invite persons to join the group chat. You must not share an invitation link with anyone without the administrator’s express permission.
    • Language and tone. Use appropriate language, and be mindful of how your messages may be interpreted by other participants.
    • Minors. No person under the age of 18 years is permitted on the group chat.
    • Direct messages. If a conversation between you and a participant can be continued privately, then ask the participant on the group chat if you can message them directly. If that participant asks you not to message them privately, you must respect their boundaries.
    • Professionalism. Remain professional and respectful. Do not engage in inappropriate conduct.
    • Responding. Use the reply function to when responding to a particular message, especially when multiple messages are sent on the group chat. Avoid replying to messages that do not require a response.
    • Individual messages. Avoid sending multiple messages in a row. Rather, share your thoughts and comments in a single message.
    • Times. Unless a message is urgent, only send messages between the hours of
    • Voice notes. Avoid sending voice notes.
    • The administrator will remain vigilant as to content posted; however, neither Viridian nor the administrator are responsible for any such content, and do not condone, promote or associate with any prohibited content posted on the group chat. You are solely responsible for the content you share.
    • Adverts and spam. Do not share any unsolicited advertisements or spam messages.
    • Fake news. Do not share any fake news. Always check the source of your information before sharing it. Ensure that the information you share is up to date and accurate. Be cautious of messages that have been “forwarded many times“.
    • Intellectual property. Do not share information that may infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights.
    • Irrelevant information. Always adhere to the purpose of the group chat by sending relevant messages only.
    • Offensive and illegal material. Do not engage in activities that are illegal, unethical or contrary to the views of Viridian, or post any content that may be considered offensive (including foul language), inappropriate, suggestive, indecent, obscene or lewd (including pornography).
    • Personal opinions. Do not share your personal opinions (including political or religious views) unless they are relevant to the purpose of the group chat.


    • All participants must comply with:
    • As long as you remain a participant in the group chat, you:
      • agree to being a part of the group chat;
      • acknowledge that other participants may have access to your personal information (such as your name and cell phone number), and they may use it to contact you for business-related reasons only; and
      • confirm that you have read and understand the data protection laws and the Viridian Data Protection Policy, and will comply with the provisions thereof.
    • No participant may use another participant’s personal information for any other reason without obtaining the relevant participant’s prior consent, which must be voluntary, informed and specific.
    • All content shared is meant for the participants only. Do not reshare any group chat information (including personal information and confidential information) in any form (including screenshots and forwarded messages) to any third party, unless the administrator and/or relevant participants have consented to this. Always respect the privacy of other participants.
    • If you obtain consent to use another participant’s personal information or other confidential information, you must (i) store the information securely so that only authorised persons may access it (including using a strong password on your device) and (ii) permanently delete the information once it has served its intended purpose.
    • You must report any potential breach of data protection laws or the Viridian Data Protection Policy to the administrator immediately.

          6. LIABILITY

    • Neither Viridian, nor the administrator, will be liable, whether in contract or in delict, for any reason whatsoever, in relation to the group chat.
    • All participants hereby indemnify and agree to hold Viridian and the administrator harmless against any claim of whatsoever nature which may be brought against Viridian and/or an administrator by any party at any time in relation to this group chat.
    • Under no circumstances will Viridian or an administrator be liable whatsoever for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for loss of profits which a participant may sustain.