We’ve just launched our newest programme: Angel Raise Ready!

After working with startup founders and hubs from across the continent and running the African Angel Academy for the past four years, we’ve realised there is a knowledge and support gap in terms of the last mile of fundraising from angels. 👩🏽‍💻

Introducing our new 7-week programme for African entrepreneurs – Raise Ready!

✅ A short, intensive programme for startup founders who are investment ready but need the knowledge and support to close the deal.
✅ The first cohort will be open for Kenyan and South African women-led (and owned) or women-empowering startups.


Why are we equipped to run Angel Raise Ready?

We understand the African entrepreneurial journey.
The Viridian team has worked with 1000+ startups and SMMEs from across the continent, helping them to refine their business models and product/ service, grow their customer base, and get ready to secure investment and grow.

We have 45+ years of combined experience working in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and have a continent-wide network of experts that we partner with for specialised support.

We understand early-stage investors and have a broad network of African angel investors.

We’ve trained 650+ African angel investors from 23 countries over the past 3 years through the African Angel Academy, and have relationships with 40+ local angel networks. The Raise Ready course instructors, Viridian’s directors, are angel investors and impact investing/ innovative finance experts.

Learn more about the programme by visiting the Raise Ready website here.