The Importance of Strategy for Startups

by Alexandra Fraser So, you want to raise funding for your business in 2022? Before you get there, the first question an angel or any investor will ask you is: what’s your plan? My experience as an angel investor has shown me how a solid plan is often informed by a solid business strategy, and […]

Covid 19 Funding Infographic for SA Businesses

With the country in lockdown for 3 weeks and potentially longer, it has never been a more uncertain and challenging time to be an entrepreneur in South Africa. Government, individuals and business have stepped up to give SMEs some financial support to cushion the blow via various funding mechanisms to relieve salary, debt and tax […]

New market maps uncover over 50 startups, companies in SA healthtech

HealthTech Market Maps: 50+ companies redefining health in South Africa The healthtech opportunities defined in two infographics from mLab and reHealthAfrica mLab, as part of its reHealthAfrica project in partnership with CSIR and the DST, has created two market maps for investors, startups and corporates wanting to better understand the opportunities and structure of the […]

Start-up Visas: Countries Draw Top Talent

Published Financial Mail, by HANNA ZIADY, SEPTEMBER 01 2016 A growing number of countries determined to attract entrepreneurs to their soil are handing “start-up visas” to the best and brightest of them. A start-up visa enables entrepreneurs to live and start businesses in countries where they are not citizens or permanent residents, for a defined […]